Sustainable Public Procurement with impact starts here

Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) means utilising your procurement to achieve greater sustainability and avoid a negative environmental and social impact. With the aid of this tool, you will quickly collect the latest SPP criteria for your procurement document. The tool works best when SPP ambitions have been defined in advance. See About MVI criteria for more information.

Or choose a product cluster to start

  • Automation and telecommunications

    Automation and telecommunications

    This cluster includes all the means of communication your employees need to be able to complete their tasks, from computers to telephones and from scanners to printers. Hardware and networks also come under this cluster.

  • Energy


    Energy supply, including the supply of both electricity and gas, comes under the Energy cluster.

  • Civil and hydraulic engineering

    Civil and hydraulic engineering

    Any activities (construction, reconstruction and maintenance) within hydraulic engineering, road building, installation technology and industrial automation come under the Civil and Hydraulic Engineering cluster. Activities in public spaces are also included under Civil and Hydraulic Engineering.

  • Office facilities and services

    Office facilities and services

    Vending machines, workwear and workwear cleaning services, cleaning services, catering, meeting and accommodation facilities, printing services, paper, office supplies and office furniture come under this cluster.

  • Office buildings

    Office buildings

    Among other things, the purchasing, renting, management, maintenance and demolition of office buildings and fitting out of office buildings come under the Office Buildings cluster.

  • Transport and Transportation

    Transport and Transportation

    The Transport and Transportation cluster deals with means of transport and transport services that the authorities procure in sizeable quantities, such as service cars, transport services and contract transport (school transport, transport to and from a gym or swimming pool and transport on demand).